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Office Chair Repairing Service in Ahmedabad

Gajjar Furniture has been a well-known company in Ahmedabad for the last 25 years. We are the manufacturers of office chairs, revolving chairs, ergonomic chairs, computer chairs, etc. We also offer a chair repairing service in Ahmedabad. It doesn't matter if you have taken a chair from Gajjar furniture or from any other company. We are always there to help you. Our revolving chair repair service provides noise cancellation of chairs, hydraulic height adjustment, revolving chair wheels/caster problems, changing cushions and fabric of chairs, and many more services in revolving chairs with reasonable prices and premium parts.

Why do you prefer
Gajjar Furniture
  • All premium components are utilized, just as they were in the brand-new chairs.
  • All Parts are Bifa Certified
  • Rapid response to customer needs
  • Rates are fixed and affordable. ( You Can Check Price List )
  • All chair Parts are covered by a Manufacturer’s Warranty.
  • We provide service at your doorstep.
Offers a wide range of services, including
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement
  • Wheels / Casters replacement
  • Chair Handle Change/Replacement
  • Fabric / Leatherette Change
  • Service(One Time)
  • Renovation with or without cushion
  • Base / Stand replacement
Guarantee of High-Quality Services
  • Before installation, all parts have been fully tested.
  • All of our High-Quality Special Parts have undergone strict quality control procedures.
Price List for Chair Repair
Sr Service Price
1 Hydraulic Cylinder Replacement 550/-
( * 1 Years Warranty)
2 Base Stand replacement Black / Chrome 550 / 680
3 Wheels / Casters replacement 250 / 5 pc set
4 Handle Change Starting from 350/-
5 Fabric / Leatherette Change Starting from 450/-
6 Mechanism Change Starting from 490/-
7 Rennovation with or without cushion Starting from 900/-
8 Service(One Time) 90 / chair
( *After inspection, actual costs may differ somewhat from what was quoted.)
Looking To Buy New Chairs ?
  • Gajjar Furniture is the most trustworthy chair manufacturer on the market today.
  • Chairs are the only product that Gajjar Furniture is concentrating on.
  • Gajjar Furniture is the best option because of its affordable prices and superior quality.
  • We have a vast number of clients, including corporates.
  • For more details, call us at +91 9904223799
  • You can contact us directly on WhatsApp at +91 9904223799.